A Sticky Scenario for DIY Folks

Though individuals have actually been stuck on duct tape for years – utilizing it for everything from short-term home repair work to creative repairs – advances in the tape world are now getting repair work experts out of even stickier scenarios.

Originally green and called “Duck” tape,this sort of tape was first used by soldiers in World War II for repair work and to keep moisture out of their ammo cases. After the war,it ended up being called duct tape,when individuals started utilizing it to connect heating and a/c ductwork.

Duct tape was given credit for saving the lives of 3 NASA astronauts aboard Apollo 13,and more recently,the Department of Homeland Security advised utilizing duct tape with plastic to safeguard against bio-terrorism. A 2002 study showed that duct tape can even be used to deal with unattractive warts.

While it’s good for a quick repair,customers discover that duct tape needs to be replaced often,especially on rough,porous or metal surface areas. So duct tape might be good for a quick fix but if you want your ac system fixed for good,call these guys in selected communities in Wisconsin:

However one business recently improved upon this home staple by creating a tape with a double-thick adhesive that stays with wood,stucco,plaster,brick and metal.

Gorilla Tape,developed by the business that makes the popular Gorilla Glue,also has a distinct webbing that makes it stronger than standard duct tape yet still easy to rip by hand,and an all weather conditions shell that permits it to withstand the hardest elements. Gorilla Tape has a wide variety of usages,from sealing leaking hoses to fixing broken yard furnishings to covering holes in convertible tops.

The fact is that typical duct tape doesn’t work well unless the surface is smooth and completely clean – something we all know is hardly ever the case. Gorilla Tape just stays with things that regular duct tape can’t stick to.

While duct tape has actually long been a noteworthy part of American history,current developments make it certain that the tape will continue to be a part of everybody’s tool kits for several years to come.

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